Clayton will be standing at Buffalo Ranch for the next Breeding Season.  E-Mail us for more information.

First there was Scamper, the legendary barrel racing horse owned and trained by 11-Time World Champion Charmayne James....  Clayton, an identical genetic match to Scamper.

January 2016 marks the seventh year that Clayton is available for breeding. 2008 was Clayton's first breeding year and proved that Clayton is an exceptional choice for successfully breading healthy offspring passing on the characteristic traits of his bloodline.

Clayton is a clone of Gills Bay Boy, better known as Scamper who helped Charmayne James achieve the of the status All Time Leading Money Earner in Barrel Racing and win 10 consecutive World Championship titles.

Because of the advancements in technology and the cloning process, we are proud to offer the exciting breeding opportunity to the greatest barrel horse of all-time. Clayton is standing to the public at Buffalo Ranch in Weatherford, Texas.

"When we began this journey, we were hopeful that Clayton would not only successfully breed but also produce healthy offspring. We now have full evidence that both can be done with excellent results and are excited for what the future holds for each horse."

"The first breeding season was a huge success. Currently, Clayton has many beautiful and promising foals on the ground that are healthy and remarkably similar to Clayton with many characteristic traits of Scamper."  - Charmayne James

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