For the first time in the history of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, barrel racers from the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) will be among the class of inductees. Their barrel racers in the inaugural class will be Wanda Harper Bush and Charmayne James. The class will be inducted Aug. 5 at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Although she had to wait 22 years to join her legendary horse Scamper in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Charmayne is ecstatic to be a part of this historic class.

“I am thrilled to be going in as part of the inaugural class and what this represents for all barrel racers,” Charmayne told us. “To be going in with Wanda (Wanda Harper Bush)is very exciting. Wanda was such a pioneer for our sport. Throughout my entire career her presence and forging through on issues with barrel racing was there and evident, and why we are where we are today. 

“Scamper has just been waiting for me and I was fine with that as he really deserved the honor. This news made my entire day.”

James, who grew up in Clayton, N.M., the home of the very first barrel racing National Finals Rodeo in 1959, won the first of 10 consecutive world titles at the youthful age of 14 in 1984.

James was the first WPRA member to wear the coveted No. 1 back number in 1987, and became the first barrel racer to cross the $1 million record in career earnings. In addition to the 10 consecutive world titles (1984-1993), James and Scamper won the NFR average title six times (1984, 1986-87, 1989-90 and 1993). In 1996, Scamper became the first and only barrel horse (until 2017) to be inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

James would add a cherry on top of her illustrious career returning to the top of the sport aboard Cruiser (Cruisin on Six) in 2002, winning her 11th world title and seventh NFR average title. After 19 NFR qualifications, 11 World Titles and a laundry list of awards,

Charmayne turned her attention to her passion for teaching.  Since 2003, she has had a successful career teaching the skills and mindset she used during her barrel racing career. Charmayne is dedicated to providing the next generation of barrel racing champions with the tools they need to succeed, from her quality line of gear to promoting the most effective options for equine health (feed, dental, chiropractic, etc), it's a 360 degree approach to optimal performance.

We at and the entire clinic team are very proud to be working with Charmayne, whose dedication to excellence shows in everything she does.


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